My secret origins :)

This page will be published the work to be done before I take care of the "world" superhero

Inspired by a post on his blog written by Ancalagon77 "colleague" Spanish model and friend of Barcelona (a true artist visitatene blog: The Acetone Pit ), I decided I also publish some photos of my previous work and I want to begin by modeling 54 mm miniatures of my favorite gladiators.

My collection includes many more pieces but I think these are sufficient to document my love for this historical genre, with the first top left (Spartacus), I had the pleasure of winning gold at the World Expo 2002 in the category of Rome general level, both with single piece with the entire dispalay.

I add new photos to this page, the characters played were made between 2001 and 2005


The lords of Nola

Medieval soldiers

Massimo Decimo Meridio the gladiator